B2B and Peanut Butter & Jelly

pbj (2853064_blog)The Relationship Acronyms of Business Success, Part 1

As the most popular business acronym, B2B, short for ‘business-to-business,’ covers the broad spectrum of your working relationship with other businesses that compliment your own.

It’s like a scrumptious peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Sure, you can have either of them separately and find them satisfactory, such as a jelly-covered biscuit or a spoonful of peanut butter (you know you do it). But when you put them together, the results are sensational. A real-to-life example might be a contractor always working with the same local plumber and electrician, or a wedding planner working hand-in-hand with a photographer and local bakery. Apart, they’re great; together, they’re delightful.

Smooshed Between Two Pieces of Bread

One of the greatest benefits of a B2B relationship is cross-promotion. It’s as easy as the aforementioned wedding planner offering a discount if the bride books her recommended photographer (and vice versa). Additionally, two businesses (or more) can offer a joint promotion. A great example of this might be a spa and hair salon coming together to offer a discount package that includes services at both locations.

Finding the PB to Your Jelly

If you haven’t yet developed strong B2B relationships, you’re missing out on great marketing benefits. The following tips will help you make new friends:

  • Brainstorm – Make a list of the types of businesses that your target market is likely to use, because these are the ones you should connect with.
  • Connect – Find businesses in your area and start connecting with them. Like their Facebook business pages, follow their Twitter accounts, subscribe to their eNewsletters, etc. Learn about them and use their services yourself to find the best providers in your area.
  • Contact – Once you determine who you would most like to work with, make contact. Introduce yourself through social media, an email, a phone call, or stop by their storefront. Let them know how much you value their services. Come bearing suggestions of how your businesses would mesh well together.
  • Flourish – Work to develop a one-on-one relationship with the owners of your complementary businesses, because the stronger your personal connection is, the more benefits your business will see. You’ll soon find out which businesses are the biggest asset.

Crust and All

When you find the right B2B relationship, you’ll quickly discover that your shared target market will leave nary a crumb behind. Both businesses will see increased revenue and your clients will soon expect your product or service offerings to be united. Yep, you guessed it – just like peanut butter and jelly.

(originally posted on Ink’d Content)


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