B2C and the Oreo Addiction

oreo (472962_blog)The Relationship Acronyms of Business Success, Part 2

Business-to-client relationships, known as B2C, are the essential framework of your business. Your relationship with your clients, or lack thereof, directly affects whether you succeed.

Anyone who’s ever had an Oreo knows the overwhelming power of consumption those little cookies have. B2C relationships are like an Oreo – the combination of a great service and a client with a need or desire for that service can create a harmonious result. And, just as knock-off brands come nowhere close to the addictive power of an Oreo, a business that fails to provide products or services beyond expectations will have the lack of success to show for it.

Just Another Cookie

Take away that mouth-watering, gooey, sugar-high, cream filling in an Oreo, and you’re left with just another cookie. That’s what any business is without its customers: just another failed attempt at success. It sounds harsh, but it’s true. If you don’t do what it takes to make your clients happy, if your business strategy, customer service and end product don’t complement the needs of your market, then you’re nothing more than the generic brand, fleetingly passed on the shelf.

Twist, Lick, Dunk

Really, what’s an Oreo cookie without some milk to dunk it in? That little extra something just sends the experience over the top. You can really foster a fantastic B2C relationship if you sprinkle a little dazzle on the services you provide. Consider the following (and, oh yes, I went there):

  • (O) Obligation – You have an obligation to your customers and clients to meet their needs and desires – do it right the first time and every time.
  • (R) Relate to Them – Take the time to get to know the people that come to your company, especially the recurring ones. Learn about their family, their jobs and their interests so that you can better serve them.
  • (E) Exceed Expectations – Go above and beyond in everything you do. You don’t want your customers to simply be pleased, you want them to be blown away.
  • (O) Offer Incentives – Give your clients a reason to keep coming back with special offers, discounts and loyalty incentives.

It’s all About the Craving

Just as Nabisco perfected the Oreo and created a craving that is hard to squash, you need to foster the same inclination in your clients. Give them something they must have and your B2C will quickly turn into $$$.

(originally posted on Ink’d Content)


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