Siphoning Creativity Out of Thin Air

brain power (iStock_000007825828)Do you know what’s come along with the increase in gas prices over the past few years? An increase in gas theft, specifically by siphoning the gas out of cars.

I would have to be about as desperate as an alligator in the desert is for water to do something like that to fill my gas tank. I can barely stand the smell of the stuff, let alone having it even come close to ingestion.

What I would like to become sickeningly skillful at is siphoning creativity off of other people. You know those moments when a friend accomplishes some glorious task she found on pinterest (“pinspiration”) and you’re found with your jaw on the floor wondering how in the h-e-double-hockey-sticks she managed to pull it off? I have those moments alot. If only she could telepathically share that surge of creativity – or shoot it at me from her fingertips like lightning – then I’d be set when I hit a roadblock and the words simply won’t flow.

Unfortunately, much like the teleportation device is far removed from reality (*sigh*), siphoning creativity from our loved ones isn’t a viable option (though I bet the high would be much better than the one that Bobby Fox had!). So, we’ll just have to find a better way of overcoming our creative blocks.

After all, a creative block is inevitable.

Get the Blood Pumping Through Your Creative Veins Again

One of the best ways to do this is to get some exercise! Don’t be too surprised by this, but when you get your blood pumping more readily, some of that actually goes to your brain, thus stimulating more creativity. Who knew?

Make sure it’s an activity you enjoy. Whether you go for a run/bike ride or take your kids to the skating rink, the increased heart rate will not only stimulate creativity, but will also distract you from the task at hand and allow you to approach it with a fresh mind.

And I’m just going to be blunt here, and you do with it what you will; a little romping between the sheets never hurt in an effort to your mind to be creative again. After all, it is exercise. Just sayin’.

Let’s not forget that your mind is the freshest first thing in the morning, too. So if you’re having a hard time with the way the paint falls on the canvas, step away and tackle it first thing tomorrow. Don’t check your email or sit in front of the soul-draining TV for an hour. Grab a cup of joe and go straight to work. Even a partially empty stomach may help stimulate your productivity. A nap is always a good option, too.

Be Creative… with Ways to get More Creative

Here are a few more options for siphoning creativity from the world around you that you may not think of initially:

Pin your inspiration.

Start a board on your Pinterest account (or go old school and keep a manila folder) of things that inspire you. It can be certain blogs with innovative writing talent, photographs, paintings, good looking celebrities like Ryan Gosling (or the equally beautiful Jessica Alba) – whatever it is that gets your brain wandering into no-mans land and coming back with a fresh perspective.

Think outside your creative genre.

If you’re a painter, then read a good novel for a while. If you’re a writer, head over to 500px and check out some of the killer photographic work hosted there. Or throw on a vinyl of Ella Fitzgerald and feel her sing through the crackle. In other words, try gaining a defibrillator jolt to your brain with something you’re not (as) creatively inclined with.

Read the dictionary.

Okay, not really because that would be boring, but it can be a great brainstorming tool. Randomly pick 10 words by flipping through the pages and blindly pointing to them. Could you make a poem from the 10 you chose? Would they translate into a painting? How could you make them part of a story or song? You’ve just opened yourself up to a world of possibilities.

Simply Put, Take a Break

All these ideas are well and good, but one of the best ways to overcome your creative block is to take a break from whatever you’re working on – and the length of your break may vary. Sometimes, you can approach it again tomorrow with a new lease on life. Other projects require a little more time and life experiences to make them more meaningful. You may even be able to start on a completely new project while waiting for the one with the clogged creative artery to get a bypass.

Never fear though, my friends, time will give way to new vigor again – unless they come up with a way to siphon creativity from someone’s brain prior to that. Either way, it’s a win-win. It just requires a little peaceful patience to get there (everyone inhale… now exhale slowly while saying “ahhhhhhh”… oh, yeah – yoga works too!).

In the words of the always-funny John Stewart: “And that’s your moment of Zen.”

(originally posted on Ink’d Content)


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