Love Triangle: Content Marketing, Lead Generation and Branding

love triangle (12365088_blog)Let me introduce you to Connie. Her given name is Content Marketing. A couple of years ago no one really knew who she was. But lately she started coming out of her shell a bit and her peers see her out and about much more frequently. In fact, she seems to be surfacing everywhere.

Despite her increasing social prowess, Connie’s been a bit lonely lately and she’s had her eye on someone special: Lead Generation. Lead has everything going for him – he’s popular, well-to-do and certainly easy on the eyes. But, despite all her best efforts, and we’re talking about spending nearly half of her waking moments trying to capture his attention, Lead doesn’t really seem to know that Connie exists.

Brand, on the other hand, has been smitten with Connie since they were kids. Growing up together, they became best friends, and everything Connie says and does only makes Brand more willing to give her the world. But she’s so focused on Lead that she doesn’t realize what she could have with Brand – that life could really be amazing with the guy that is already wholly devoted to her.

Lead Generation Means Security
Sure, if Connie could, somehow, get Lead’s attention and he saw her for all she’s worth, they would work really well together (maybe). She’d tell everyone how amazing he was and he’d give her everything she ever wanted (and their kids would be flippin’ adorable). He’d provide financial security like no one else could. Or at least, he would if he continued to work toward his goals.

But the problem is, Lead is very self-absorbed these days and often gets off track. He’s not always reliable on the follow through, whether it be the latest business venture he has his hands in or his latest love interest. Despite the fact that Connie doesn’t want to admit it, she knows he rarely sees things through to completion. And he really doesn’t want to hear about anything that doesn’t conclude with how amazing he is.

Brand Would Lasso the Moon
Sure, sure, it’s far-fetched – no one can actually lasso the moon – but Brand would sure try for Connie. In fact, he’s already given her so much, but her new found extroverted lifestyle has changed her focus just enough that she can’t see what potential lies in front of her.

Poor guy. Maybe Brand couldn’t give her everything she ever dreamed of right from the start, but he certainly would give it everything he’s got to obtain it. It wouldn’t be instant security, at least not monetarily, but in the long run, Brand would make Connie so much happier. His eyes would never wander, his job would never come before Connie and their family – if she could see him for who he really is and put all of that amazing personality of hers into a relationship, they could lasso the moon together.

Content Marketing, get your head out of the sand! Someone kick her in the rear, would ya? Sure wish she would see that being Mrs. Generation would bring her nothing but heartache in the end. She’ll just end up used, worn down and resentful with Lead.

If she could only see. When you have someone as devoted to you as Brand – someone that provides a long term, sustainable future – you can never go wrong.

(originally posted on Ink’d Content)


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