Commuter Conundrum

trafficThere was a time, about five years ago, when Josh and I had discussed the possibility of moving to Kansas City. We have several friends there, so I would have been okay starting off in a “new” place (I need people to thrive and, despite my extroverted persona, don’t really like trying to make new friends in a sea of people I don’t know at all). We revisited the idea several times, but determined that Springfield is where we’ll stay (especially with so much family here)

And I’m glad of it. As much as I would enjoy living nearer to some of my closest friends (why is it that the best of them have to live hours away!?!?), I would absolutely abhor commuting everywhere. How do I know?

Because I abhor it now.

We currently reside in northern Springfield. I am absolutely in love with our turn-of-the-century, four-square style home. It’s beautiful. It’s eclectic. It has so much character. If I could pick it up and move it, that would be my ideal.

Because every other aspect of our lives currently resides in the southern part of Springfield. Our church, husband’s work, my oldest son’s school, family. And we’ve put our house on the market to relocate to that area of town. You know, because gas prices stink to be commuting so much. And we commute a lot. At least four times a day – twice to get my son to school and pick him up and twice for my husband’s work. Then there are days that we do it even more for church functions, visiting with family, running errands.

I’m one of those folks that believes every single moment I’m awake needs to be productive in some way. So spending at least two hours out of my day just driving sort of makes me a bit stressed. That’s time I could be accomplishing one of the many items on my mile-long to-do list. Heck, time I could be spending with my kids outside a vehicle. Sure, it gives me an opportunity to chat with them, but I still can’t give them my full attention (I don’t know how many times I hear “Mom, look!” and I have to retort “I can’t, I’m driving right now.”).

And don’t even get me started on all the construction that happens to center around everywhere I go daily. I’m all for road improvements, but that doesn’t mean I have to like the process that gets us there. My church is located at Campbell and Plainview; ’nuff said. The construction on Republic Road near Scenic is in route to my son’s school. There’s even road construction in my in-laws’ neighborhood, a place we frequent weekly.

What’s the point to my post? Absolutely nothing other than to vent. In case you haven’t figured it out yet, I hate commuting. And, seeing as our house hasn’t sold yet, I’m guessing God is attempting to teach me something here. Spiritual edification hurts sometimes. And other times – like in this circumstance – it’s just plain frustrating.

Seems I still have some things to learn on this one…


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