Be a Ratel Leader

Embody the Characteristics of the Honey Badger

Baby-honey-badgerSo, there’s this video about honey badgers that went viral recently.

I won’t post a link to it. You can probably find it with very little effort. Whether you find it funny or not depends entirely upon your personality. I’m smack dab in the middle as far as that goes.

My husband showed it to me and while he was laughing up a storm, I was noticing some pretty interesting things about that honey badger.

Mostly that he would make a darn good leader.

So yeah – not the reaction my husband was looking for, but I certainly found some value in it. Well, that and a bit more research. Starting with the fact that honey badgers are also called “ratel” – which I think has a much better ring to it in the way of leadership training.

“Be a Ratel Leader”

Yeah. That’s nice.

Be Fearless

The single most notable quality of the honey badger is that it is completely fearless. There is absolutely nothing on the planet that scares the darn thing. In fact, the Guinness Book of World Records has deemed it the world’s most fearless creature. It will face off lions (there’s some video floating around of a couple of honey badgers taking on six lions and walking away unscathed). One of its favorite snacks is—get this—a cobra snake!

So are your business fears (or life fears for that matter) as seemingly insurmountable as a 30 pound ratel taking on a lion, or having a live cobra for lunch? If we faced those larger-than-life challenges with half the confidence of a honey badger, imagine where that could take us!

WebStoreHoneyBadgerCobra8705_designpicFF__29474.1391709477.1280.1280Be Thick Skinned

Honey badgers have skin that is about a quarter of an inch thick and practically impenetrable to traditional arrows and spears. In fact, it can take a full-swing hit from a machete and walk away with just a flesh wound.
Rejection is a part of the journey as a leader. So we need to have ratel skin – that even the harshest of responses or most difficult of road blocks to our goals leave nothing but a flesh wound as we just keep prancing on.

Leave Wiggle Room

Honey badgers are extremely flexible and can wiggle out of virtually any ensnarement, even the jaws of a lion. Leave yourself a way out of any situation because you never know what can happen. Be flexible as a leader. If you’re too rigid and set in your ways, then the lions will destroy you.

Use the Tools Available to You

Honey badgers are highly intelligent. They have been known to use tools to help them acquire prey, harnessing sharp problem solving skills without skipping a beat. Being a strong leader requires using the tools available to you—your team—recognizing each person’s strengths and weaknesses so you can bring them all together in a collaborative effort that gets the results you’re reaching for.

Ratel are relentless, tenacious, fearless creatures. They have all the qualities a leaders needs to embody in order to truly attain success.

So the next time one of your cheesy friends asks you “If you could be any animal, what would you be?” your answer should most certainly be the honey badger.


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