“Michelle has worked with us for over two years and has written numerous articles for us. We’ve been fortunate to work with her for so long because she has taken the care and time to learn about our industry and can now pitch relevant articles that fit her interests as well. She communicates quickly and keeps us informed any time there are changes as she reports. Michelle has even filled in for an editor on leave and did a fantastic job copy-editing. I know that when I assign Michelle a task, whether it be writing or editing, she will meet our parameters (and then some) and get it in on time. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for a freelance writer or editor.”

Megan Kendrick
Head Editor, SpaRetailer Magazine


“I started working with Michelle Cramer around June 2011. In the past 6 years I have worked with several writers on many different projects, and to be honest I have always felt like writers aren’t always the easiest people to work with. After several months of working with Michelle directly, she called to inform that she and a business partner had started Ink’d, and that she would be overseeing the project, but would now have other writers do the work. I didn’t say much but deep down I was a little worried. I was so pleased with the work I was getting that I did not want change. Fortunately, I hardly even noticed the switch over. Her writers were great! She knew how to talk to them to get what I was looking for and I quickly learned I had nothing to worry about in the first place.The turnovers on projects have been great and the price has been very reasonable.  Thank you Michelle for not only making my job easier but a lot less stressful.”

Aundrea Holloman
Sapience Corporation, client for Ink’d Content


“Michelle Cramer is one the most hard-working and dedicated individuals I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. Balancing her roles of mom, wife, and career woman, Michelle is the poster child for what Maya Angelou would refer to as a Phenomenal Woman.

Unmoving in her ability to go the extra mile, Michelle creates a feeling of confidence in all those she works with and encourages her colleagues to be the best at whatever they do. Even while under my leadership, Michelle has actually inspired me to go after my dreams and really prove to myself and others that you really can have it all.

Aside from her amazing being, Michelle oozes talent, intelligence, and ambition. Rolling with the punches at all times, she makes every bad situation a good one and takes the edge off of stressful days. Always willing to help, you would never know just how much she really has going on in her life.

Michelle was always my go-to gal and was the most reliable worker I had. Having Michelle on your team is equivalent to having a good hair day everyday; everything else just falls in place. Excelling at all that she touches, shes proven herself to not only be an asset in business but in life.”

Josette Edouard
Client Production Manager, CopyPress


“Michelle and her team [at Ink’d] have laid solid foundation for us to grow content organically to create brand awareness and to support small business/professional community with relevant information that they can use to generate traffic and improvise operations.

Her editorial capability, ability to emanate passion into her articles and attention to detail are impeccable. I am looking forward to the delivery of fascinating work products from her as we go along.”

Santhosh Devati
Owner, Commonfig.com


“Michelle Cramer is an extremely talented writer and editor. During her time at CopyPress, she earned her spot as top editor due to her dedication, attention to detail, excellent communication, and strong work ethic. Her knowledge and passion for writing and editing were an indispensable asset to our growth as a company.”

Ryan Whitney
Community Manager, CopyPress


“Michelle is great to work with — she has a friendly attitude, yet is deadline driven and professional. She knows AP style inside and out and can follow client instructions to a T. Michelle is and exceptional editor and a creative and engaging writer. She is the person to go to when you need something done right the first time.”

Cara Stromness
Editor, CopyPress


“Michelle is a prolific writer who more than meets the expectations of whatever project we’re working on. She takes direction well, but doesn’t hesitate to question an editor’s comments. I’ve had very few problems with her copy either grammatically or stylistically and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her for any writing position.”

Michael Berman
Editor, Writers Research Group


“Michelle was a writer that I supervised, and she made my job as an editor very easy. Michelle is very thorough and detail oriented. She never missed a deadline and frequently went above and beyond the minimum requirements. I’d recommend Michelle for any position where attention to detail is an important element of the job.”

Kristan Hart
Editor, Writers Research Group


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